Individual Project


Using webcam, Arduino, Javascript, Fortune on Hand is an installation that generate a poem about one's 'fortune' base on their own unique palm lines. 

The machine offer a transparent acrylic platform that allow the users to put their right hands on, whenever they are ready, the button on the side will be pressed, a picture of the palm will be taken by the hidden webcam under the platform, and will be sent to javascript to be analyze.



The picture will be divided into four parts corresponding to four different lines in the Chinese poems. Using the openCV called Edge Detection, the palm lines gets analyzed, according to the shape and pixel number of the palm lines, the poem lines was assigned to different types of palm line situations based on ancient Chinese palmistry theory, different poems line will be chosen. All the Chinese poem lines came from Senso-ji temple's Omikuji paper with rich history.

The idea of telling one’s fate through poems came from one of the greatest Chinese literature classics 400 years ago  The Dream in Red Chamber that  I read as a kid, in which there was a chapter (Charpter Five: 贾宝玉梦游太虚幻境 , "the spirit of Chia Pao-yü visits the confines of the Great Void."that the main character Baoyu had a dream of in a sky palace named "Great Void", which exists a book that has everyone’s fate written in poems on it. The poetic language as well as the idea behind it was so beautiful and it inspire me to think not just the plot but to think as a 12-year-old kid, but also the idea of life, and changes in life. 

During ITP’s winter show 2016, it was touching that visitors came by and talk about their understandings of their unique poems and how the poems speaks to their own life stories. And I talked about my inspiration for this project  they were also affected by my feelings and thinkings behind the design. I realized that, for a moment, the designed interaction along with the emotions it tried to convey, could be beyond culturel, age, race. 

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Press - 李思曼的新一代“电脑算命机”