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design, code, made by me

Windloom is a interactive installation based digital performance NIME (new interface for musical expression) project. It was inspired by my own childhood memory of my loving grandmother, who spent almost her whole life in Beimeng village of Hebei province of northern China. It is a re-designed combination of wind box (a type of bellow like tool for starting fire for cooking) and loom, two things that I remember the most about my grandmother. 

Due to the family condition, my grandmother wasn't in school for a very long time. She is hard working, kind hearted, and pure as many other women who devoted themselves to the family at that time.  I remember the village: wheat field of the summer, grandma's hand made cotton coat in the winter, low houses that unlike in the city, the clay-made cooking platform. The wake up call in the village is the sound of rooster crow with the wind box heavily breathing, that was my grandmother cooking breakfast for me. Late in night, the loom singing in a rhythm, that was my grandmother weaving. She pass away ten year ago, I miss her that I decided to make one piece that reminds me of her.

Using the technique of physical computing and Max Msp, with different gestures of pulling wind box, touching threads and weaving, as well as with the music composing with the help of Lu Wang, I tried to reveal different layers of story-telling in the performance. 

Concept & Making details

织风 是一件NIME新型乐器作品,灵感来自童年时对于河北农村的姥姥的回忆:织布机和风箱。夏天的麦地,冬天的棉衣,平坦的屋顶,干燥的风,北屋的大织布机,土垒的灶台的风箱,拉起来被炊烟迷了眼睛。音乐的编排上,我与王璐合作,从初始的风雨雷电声等自然声音开始,逐渐加强觉醒、生存、缅怀。以织布机的“织”的动作承上启下。



Performance at  Littlefield, New York, 2017


Whitebox Gallery, 2018