Individual Project

Inspired by candlelit meditation practice in Hatha yoga, I tried to explore more on how the flickering, color and brightness can effect on one's mental state. Using Arduino, neo pixels, OpenBCI Ganglion, Neuro Candle is a meditation guide that shows one's mental state with it's brightness and flickering pattern.

The openBCI ganglion broad is collecting brain data and pulse, visualized mental and physical state using flickering and brightness of the neopixel. The more focus meditation is, the less flickering and brighter there will be.

灵感来自体会冥想过程中的自我情绪波动变化,以及哈他瑜伽习练当中的烛光冥想。使用Arduino,Neopixels, OpenBCI等,Neurocandle是一个冥想引导装置。能够将冥想者的头脑波动用“蜡烛”的光亮和闪动频率来体现,随着冥想者逐步集中的精神状态,蜡烛的光亮会逐渐稳定,从而指引冥想者进入更加良好的冥想体验。

Materials: wood, Himalayan salt.